The World of Gardin

Welcome to the brilliant shimmers of the garden…

Inspired by colorful gardens, magical fairytales, and today’s dynamism.

For centuries, nature’s remarkable creations, colorful flowers are chosen to express their feelings, enhance their surroundings, and to commemorate important rituals and observances. Gardin searches the beauty of these heavenly gardens and creates harmony between art and nature. A look at the World of Gardin where timeless, sophisticated and authentic designs meet… Every piece in Gardin Collections that draws attention with its distinct and contemporary designs present a world of nobility, elegance and splendor.

Every jewel is inspired by the old gardens and courtyards is eternally a part of a flawless handcraftsmanship and the art of jewelry. Every piece is brought to life by the hands of the masters of jewelry. While painstakingly cherishing the mastery of the past in the art of jewelry, it offers an extraordinary world with today’s lines. You will find the grace of the old times and the “revolutionary” spirit of the modern designing concept merged together in the lines of Gardin.

Craftsmanship and Design

Jewels are the symbol of elegance, grandeur, richness, power, love… They offer an enchanted world; quench the thirst of reaching the singular, the rarest of things. They speak of the matchless perfection… At times, it takes months, at times it takes years for each piece to be complete; they are brought to life in the hands of the jewelry artisan. And thus, each piece crafted thoughtfully by hand, one by one, leaves behind a story. Gardin’s distinctive concept of design and its mastery of skill in details come from the touch of professional artistry of many generations. Gardin reveals these precious, special-made jewels; each with a story and a spirit, on its journey in search of perfection.